Sales and Lettings

Why choose us...

It doesn’t matter how much your house is worth, we put the same amount of effort into selling all our properties; the maximum.

So, why should you pay more than anyone else based on your asking price?

We charge our clients a fixed fee and because we mostly operate online (as well as on a North London high street) you’ll see we can keep this figure nice and low.

Rest assured our online operations are working for you 24/7 while the team in our high street office will have your property in their window and be happy to talk to you about it should you wish to pop-in.

We really are the best of both worlds. Know what you’re paying from the outset, our fixed fee is paid upfront or you can opt to pay half on instruction and the balance on completion, and when we get you the best price for your property (it’s what we do), you won’t have to hand over a penny more.